Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wings by Beckah

How beautiful were my wings --
Do you remember them?
Brilliant, many colored;
Called bright as joy, strong as love.
They deftly, smoothly, propelled
Me up into the sky above.
O, my wonderful wings.
And how thrilling those wings
That settled in my heart.
Do you remember those?
Did you even know they were?
How they fluttered and rose,
And set winds a stir.
You created those wings.
O, those delicate wings --
Which you tore to shreds.
You plucked out each feather,
You tossed them aside,
And you left me forever.
Did you know I nearly died,
Plummeting without wings?
Then came he with new wings,
Offered in place of those.
How terrible and strong --
What power they brought with!
With my Father's gift, I was famed in song
As the fearsome Dragonwitch.
O, how delightful those wings!
Yet even he took 'way my wings.
He cast me away to this,
This dust-bound body --
This body without flight!
But how my fire shall burn heavy
When I have my chance of fight
And when I regain my wings!
What do you say? You offer wings?
Those paltry, feathery bits?
Ha. Those weak things?
Of hot fire and hard scale,
Those are my wings.
What you offer...would only fail.
I'll never again take such wings.
If I had had my wings,
I might have flown above;
I might have escaped the waters,
I might have lived still.
My fire had never burned hotter,
And now never will.
If I had only had strong wings.


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